Color Country Fire Managers Announce 2011 Schedule

Last modified on Oct 17, 2013

Color Country interagency fire managers have announced plans to ignite several prescribed burns in southwestern Utah and northwestern Arizona this year. These burns will be managed by various federal and state agencies including the Bureau of Land Management, the US Forest Service (Dixie National Forest), the National Park Service (Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks) and the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands.

The following prescribed burns are planned for this year but will only occur if forecasted weather conditions are favorable and adequate resources are available. Portions of some of these burns may have already been completed or are multi-year projects.

Burn Unit Location Acres Agency

Horse Valley 2 miles S of Circleville, UT 1,000 BLM – Cedar City

Greenville Bench 6 miles S of Beaver, UT; W of I-15 8,000 BLM – Cedar City

Red Canyon Piles ½ mile N of Red Canyon Subdivision 20 BLM – Cedar City

Wilson Canyon Piles 15 miles N of Modena, UT 5 BLM – Cedar City

East Fork GC/Parashant National Monument 309 BLM – AZ Strip

Twins Points GC/Parashant National Monument 1,098 BLM – AZ Strip

Sunset Campground Bryce Canyon NP, Sunset CG 200 NPS – Bryce NP

Zion Canyon Grass Zion NP; Zion Canyon 65 NPS – Zion NP

Clear Trap Maintenance Zion NP; along eastern boundary 100 NPS – Zion NP

Pocket Mesa Zion NP; along Kolob Terrace Rd 2,850 NPS – Zion NP

Edwards Spring 7 miles NE of Paragonah 700 USFS – Cedar RD

Cooper Knolls 1.5 miles SE of Panguitch Lakes, UT 400 USFS – Cedar RD

Henrie Knolls 1.5 miles S of Mammoth Creek, UT 400 USFS – Cedar RD

Duck Creek Fuels Various locations around Duck Creek 500 USFS – Cedar RD

Asay Bench 4 miles W of Duck Creek Village 500 USFS – Cedar RD

Panguitch Lake 1 mile S of Panguitch Lake 235 USFS – Cedar RD

Twin Lakes 1.5 miles S of Blues Springs Meadow 32 USFS – Cedar RD

Ahlstrom Hollow 5 miles W of Bryce, UT 200 USFS – Powell RD

Dave’s Hollow 1.5 miles W of Bryce Canyon NP 600 USFS – Powell RD

Stump Springs 16 miles SW of Escalante, UT 500 USFS – Escalante RD

Pretty Tree Bench 3 miles N of Boulder, UT 500 USFS – Escalante RD

Santa Clara 1.5 miles SSE of Pine Valley, UT 75 USFS – Pine Valley RD

Turkey Farm 7 miles N of St. George 160 Utah State - FFSL


Prescribed burns are management–ignited fires that are used to decrease the risks from wildfire to life, property and resources, to improve ecological process on both public and private lands and to meet agency-specific resource management goals. Prescribed fire projects are conducted in a manner consistent with land and resource management plans, public health considerations (smoke issues) and approved prescribed fire plans.

Color Country Interagency Fire Management is an organization of fire management officials in southwestern Utah and northwestern Arizona (the Arizona Strip) who promote safe and effective fire management through interagency cooperation. Since many wildfires and prescribed fires are of a

multi-jurisdictional nature, interagency cooperation provides an ideal background for cohesive ecological, social, political and economical considerations for land management.

For more information concerning fire management in Color Country visit our website at

call our fire information line at 435-865-4696

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