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-Cedar Mountain Fire Station

3620 N. Mammoth Creek Rd.

The Next time your in the Fire Station, please notice the new 9-1-1 telephone mounted on the outside of the building left of the front door. The telephone is inside  a Tan box marked clearly with "9-1-1 Emergency" on the front.

When you open the telephone box door and pick up the receiver, the telephone automatically dials 9-1-1. You do not have to do anything except pick up the receiver. Kane County Dispatch will automatically be called.

The office is staffed Monday through Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm by the CMFPD and/or the district clerk. But if you have an emergency after these hours please remember the phone outside.


-Zion View Fire Station

The telephone is located on the outside of the water company building next to the Fire Station. It is in the red box laveled "Emergency Radio Box". The 9-1-1 telepphone is next to the heart defibrillator. This is actually a radio.

When you open the door you will see a key pad. Pick up the phone and press the *(star) button on the key pad. When you hyear the dial tone, enter 9-1-1. When the emergency dispatcher answers you must hold the button while you are speaking. When you are through speaking release the button so you can hear the dispatcher's questions. When you are finished, hang up and press the #(pound) sign to disconnect. These instruction are on the inside of the box.

Future plans include installation of a 9-1-1 telephone at Navajo Lake Lodge as well as the new Elk Ridge Fire Sub Station.


*This information was taken from "The Cedar Mountain Lookout" magazine. Spring 2011 edition.


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